TXH-93-C5607A / B electronic potting product brochures Curing at room temperature

     TXH-93-C5607A / B electronic potting product brochures      

                    Curing at room temperature

First, before using the product must read:
    The use of technology, curing conditions, time and environmental changes, the performance of this product will have a huge impact, the performance provided by the Department is in the technical standards of this manual to get. If you expect to achieve the product performance indicated in this manual, please be sure to read the instructions carefully and we can only guarantee the performance under the technical standard of the specification. In order to make the product safer, we recommend that your company's products be tested with the product. This experiment should contain long-term cold, heat aging and temperature alternating load life experiments, as well as experiments with the user's production process. I hope you put forward different technical requirements in order to develop a more suitable for your use of the product, and for this consultation between the parties to develop a special product delivery testing methods and acceptance criteria. The technical data listed in this material is only a reference for customers to design products, sometimes in the practical application of your product is not the decisive value, our company does not assume any legal and economic responsibility, we do not guarantee that any Written confirmation of product technical standards and data. In the company to determine the use of product models, the need for both technical and technical personnel to understand, this process should be divided into: your company's product performance requirements → the bonding or potting of the product shape description → the use of plastic process design → Performance testing methods and life experiments after product end-use.
      Unless we have a targeted agreement, the following circumstances do not serve as a guarantee of our product quality:
1, appear pigment and packing layer;
2, Kaifeng confined badly caused by moisture absorption and crystallization;
3, light-cured products will be due to curing temperature, UV and other conditions, the color changes;
4, because the impact of moisture products may be cured surface "whitening" is not bright problem;
5, weighing is not accurate, uneven mixing, curing due to temperature or time and curing is not complete;
6, seasonal environmental temperature changes caused by product changes;
7, with the amount of glue is too large or prolonged use of long produce "storm";
8, the user asked to change the product characteristics caused by unknown quality accidents.
9, reseller resale or because of special factors to adjust the data and can not notify the user, and in the initial use of the product without the written technical data to confirm;
Second, use: for electrical potting
Third, the appearance: the product is divided into A / B two-component, TXH-93-C5607A component is a white liquid, B component light yellow liquid.
Fourth, the ingredients: TXH-93-C5607A for the bisphenol A type epoxy resin and inorganic mineral materials, B for the modified anhydride.
Fifth, the ratio: A / B = 100/20 weight ratio.
Sixth, storage: stored in a cool dry warehouse, unopened from the date of production for six months (excluding sedimentation and crystallization).
7, safety and other: This product can be non-toxic in accordance with non-dangerous goods storage and transportation, please read the "use of new bridge products precautions."

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