Solar anti-barrel instructions

                       Solar anti-barrel instructions

Solar anti-collision barrel barrel material made of glass resin material, wall thickness of 5MM. The use of active light-emitting high-brightness LED light and passive light-emitting high-brightness reflective film combined with the way, not only beautiful appearance and visibility farther. Easy to install, long life, stable and reliable, good sealing performance does not corrode the cable and internal circuits, do not consume conventional energy, widely used in a variety of highway entrances and exits safe traffic warning. Can effectively prevent the occurrence of traffic accidents.

1. Product specifications: 600MM * 800MM (all kinds of specifications can be done)

2. Shell material: tree refers to glass fiber reinforced plastic material, barrel thickness 5MM

3. Solar panels: 5V single crystal silicon imports

4. Battery: internal use of 2.4V battery (in +75 degrees -40 degrees between the normal work)

5. Light source: super bright yellow LED light 7 stars

6. Control system: dedicated controller for solar panels

7. Visual distance: ≥ 1000 m in normal environment (seasonal / regional differences)

8. Working time: charge 24h, can be continuous 7 to 10 rainy days (different regions / seasonal differences)

9. Temperature range: -40 ℃ ~ 75 ℃

10. Installation location: a variety of road entrances and exits

11, waterproof rating: IP ≥ 67



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