Enhanced full plastic spike brochures

                 Enhanced full plastic spike brochures

LLM plastic pail shell with reinforced plastic mold with a one-time molding, the material for the environment-friendly raw materials. The reflector is a vacuum coating, and the solid is bonded to the housing. Easy installation and long service life

1. Product Specifications: 100 * 100 * 20

2. Shell material: environmentally friendly reinforced materials

3. Temperature range: -30 ℃ ~ 75 ℃

4. Installation location: road edge.

5, compression index: 16 tons of vehicle pressure.

6, waterproof rating: IP ≥ 67

7, the normal life: 3 years or more

8, quality assurance; in normal use for one year.

Second, [installation location]: installed on the edge of the road, the driver from the warning effect, to remind carefully driving.

Three, [material tools to prepare]: A glue (color transparent), B glue (color brown), white cement, scraper, chalk, tape, and plastic bucket, and glue stick, broom, the temperature below 10 degrees to prepare kerosene Furnace and other heating tools.
Fourth, [installation process]: 1, positioning: spike installation to smooth, dry and dry, clean, seamless. 2, mixed with plastic: spike special A glue, spike special B plastic, A plastic B glue ratio is 1: 1 (such as: A glue 1 kg, B glue is 1 kg), and then add 20% of the cement Fillers. Glue must be stirred evenly, consistent color.

3 with glue: the ground clean, with plastic to be moderate, both sticky road signs bottom, and do not spill too much, out of the plastic can be used scraper blowing, can be used repeatedly, stick to the surface of the product to clean the glue to avoid Luminous brightness, sticky after the left and right turn two, so that glue can be more uniform paste the ground and the road nail body.

4 tour: two hours after the installation of the spike should be checked again, the occurrence of crooked, should be reversed in time.

5 Road: must be sealed road 6 hours to ensure that the glue curing time.
1, do not install the spike on the marking, should be installed on the outside of the marking line from the mark 5cm.
2, each mixing glue shall not exceed 3 kg (because the glue after mixing in a certain period of time will be solidified, in order to avoid waste, do not mix more than 3 kg of plastic)
4, the temperature is less than 10 degrees, glue is not easy and dynamic, available kerosene furnace heating glue (heating A glue, B glue can not heat). Stir well with a stirrer.
5, in general, the spike with the same line of color, single-sided reflective film and the direction of the car relative, do not press the anti-crooked.
6, the installation process, do not glue the product to the surface of the product affect the luminous and beautiful.
7, the road with water can not be built.

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