Solar Wireless Induction Signs

                     Solar Wireless Induction Signs

This product is widely used in all levels of highway overpass and along the highway fog area. Can be in the fog weather and other low visibility to the driver when the line of sight to avoid the occurrence of traffic accidents.

 light source with super bright LED, luminous brightness ≥ 6000cd, and the service life of ≥ 5 years.

 Size 70 * 800MM (can be customized);

 Visual distance of more than 1000M.

 use of solar power supply, built-in 18V8.8AH battery, can ensure continuous rainy weather for more than 7 days;

 internal settings using GPS system to receive positioning, so that all products in the same standard, no external cabling links, easy to install, no maintenance, to achieve unlimited distance synchronization flashing light

 use of solar light brightness automatically open, no switch control

 Shell with high-quality aluminum alloy sheet, long-term use

 structure is reasonable, with dust, water, moisture, seismic characteristics



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