Tunneling light guidance system

               Tunneling light guidance system
 Technical parameters and installation instructions

1. Company profile
       Shenzhen City LuMing Traffic Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2006 is engaged in a road traffic product development, production and sales enterprises. The company's main products are solar LED traffic lights, LED solar spike, LED tunnel induced spike, LED tunnel induced contour standard, solar outline standard, solar traffic signs, all kinds of aluminum alloy spike, enhanced highway spike , A variety of attached contours and other traffic applications. Over the past few years the company's products in the domestic dozens of provinces on the use of the highway and obtain customer recognition. All the products of the transport products from the company to open a mold, so that our products have better quality and price advantage and exported to South America, the Middle East, Africa, Europe and the United States and other countries in the world
    Humanized management, it is the company's efforts, we meet the needs of customers as the goal, and make a forward-looking planning. And strict quality management, to create a good quality of 100% of the product. And through the global marketing network, to provide global customer satisfaction 100% of the service.
    In the days to come we earnestly invite you to continue to support us and as our strong backing! We sincerely hope that in the future development of cooperation with you, innovation and value, common growth, your satisfaction is our wish.

2. product description
2.1 Introduction
The light-induced guidance system is mainly composed of two parts, one is the high-brightness LED light-induced emission standard, and the other is to induce the standard controller.It can clearly outline the contours of the road in the bad environment, indicating the safety of traffic and traffic. Can be installed in the highway crossing, road sharp turns, tunnel walls, toll stations, foggy rain and other accidents. Especially in the tunnel to better reflect the contours of the road, reflecting a more clear visual space, can significantly reduce the operating costs of the tunnel to ensure safe passage.

2.2 product features and features
2.2.1 to ensure traffic safety
     It can be clearly in the line of sight of a clear outline of the road profile, indicating the introduction of safe passage, to ensure traffic safety
2.2.2 reduce operating costs
      With LED as a light source, long life, low energy consumption, to ensure safe access to the case, can reduce the operating costs of the tunnel
2.3 Precautions
    You are welcome to choose the tunnel light emission guidance system provided by Shenzhen Luming Traffic Equipment Co., Ltd. Please read this manual carefully before installing or repairing operation to avoid the accident and ensure the safety of the person and equipment.
    Non-professional personnel may not disassemble this product!

3. Tunnel light emission guidance standard Technical parameters:
The main components: shell, LED, constant current circuit, wire, packaging resin
Brand: Shenzhen Road Ming
Model: single-sided light with 6 LED, double-sided 6 LED
Housing material: ABS material and aluminum alloy shell, according to flame retardant grade UL94V0

Option 1:

Option 2:

Option 3:

LED color: white, yellow. But also according to the actual situation to choose red, blue, green and other colors

Power consumption:
 Always bright: White: 0.3VA (12mA) Yellow: 0.30VA (20mA)
       Flashing: White: 0.4VA (12mA) Yellow: 0.4VA (20mA)

LED average luminous intensity: white: 12000mcd /, yellow: 8000mcd
Lifetime: 100,000h
LED opening angle: ± 30 °
Allowable operating voltage: 24V DC
Protection class: IP67
Package: Epoxy resin
Connection: internal cord connection, with heat shrink tubing T-type connection or plug-in connection
Load: 160KN
LED induced standard: stainless steel screws and nylon tube fixed or signs for plastic

4. Luminous Induced Target Controller Parameters:

The main components: paint control box, switching power supply, control circuit
Power supply system: input AC 220V, output 24V
The main insurance thread: 3A
Protection: short circuit, overload, overvoltage, over temperature
Circuit breaker: current residual current 30mA (main circuit power supply)
Controller protection class: IP65
Transformer protection class: IP20
The controller includes the total weight of the transformer: about 5.0kg
Output voltage: 24V DC
Can output the amount of branch: 2 (both sides of an output line)
Maximum load current at both ends: 2.5A
Installation: In an existing distribution box or in a separate protective box
Control function: Always on or flashing. Advanced features: Adjustable pulse strobe
Control mode: local DIP switch,
Fault detection: open circuit, overload detection
Fault output: 2 independent fault output points, can be used for remote detection
Overload protection: each line is greater than 2.8A automatic protection

5. Controller description and remote control program
5.1 controller diagram

Controller diagram
①. Power input interface, DC24V
②. Work indicator, (power, sync flash, remote and local switch)
③ .LED induced standard output, two, each 100
④.MAX232 communication interface
⑤.RS485 communication interface, but also access PLC

5.2 DIP switch diagram
5.2.1 8-bit DIP switch:
 Bit 1: On, normally open
 Bit 2: On, Blinking 1 (fast)
 Bit 3: On, Blinking 2
 Bit 4: On, flashing 3
 Bit 5: On, flashing 4 (slow)
 Bit 6: On, intermittent flashing 1
 Bit 7: On, intermittent flashing 2
 Bit 8: On, normally closed
When the DIP switch is in the first bit, it is necessary to switch to other flash mode, then press the reset switch.
5.2.3 4-bit DIP switch:
 Bit 1: On, you can switch the machine regularly
 Bit 2 Off, can not switch on and off at regular intervals
 Bit 3: On, accept remote control;
 Bit 4 such as Off, local control

5.3 Control scheme
5.31 Local direct control
When you do not need centralized control and remote control, you can use the controller within the dialing light to directly control the luminous light-induced light-emitting state.
See the diagram of the DIP switch
5.32 remote PLC control
When the control room and light-emitting reference controller connected, you can achieve remote control
With PLC communication protocol and instructions
①. Communication protocol format description
1. uppercase command - write (set); lowercase command - read (Read)
2. start --- '['; end ------ ']'
3. Frame length --- 5 write command; 4 read command
4 years after the two
5. When the system is made
6. Number - Hexadecimal (HEX)
7. Data - control commands and time data, hexadecimal (HEX)
8. other - ASCII code
②. Communication settings
1. Baud rate: 9600
2. Check digit: NONE
3. Data bits: 8 bits
4. Stop bit: 1 bit

③. Communication commands and formats

The serial number function command returns a description
1 Set_No [No = #] [No = #] # = 0-255
2 Read_No [no =?] [No = #]
3 Set_HandAuto [H # = D] [H # = D] D = 0x00 (ModeHand)
D = 0x01 (ModeAuto)
4 Read_HandAuto [h # =?] [H # = D]
5 Set_Flash [F # = D] [F # = D] D = 0-7; 0x00 (normally open);
0x01 (fast) ... 0x06 (slow); 0x07 (normally closed)
6 Read_Flash [f # =?] [F # = D]
7 Set_AutoStartEnd [A # = D] [A # = D] D = 0x00 (AutoStartEnd_On);
D = 0x01 (AutoStartEnd_Off)
8 Read_AutoStartEnd [a # =?] [A # = D]
9 Set_Date [D # = yMd] [D # = yMd] # -No, number
YMd-yearday, hexadecimal
10 Read_Date [d # =?] [D # = yMd]
11 Set_Time [T # = hms] [T # = hms] hms- minutes and seconds, hexadecimal
12 Read_Time [t # =?] [T # = hms]
13 Set_StartTime [S # = hms] [S # = hms] Hms-min seconds, hexadecimal
14 Read_Startime [s # =?] [S # = hms]
15 Set_EndTime [E # = hms] [E # = hms] hms- minutes and seconds, hexadecimal

5.33 hierarchical control
If the tunnel exceeds 1000 meters, in order to achieve the overall brightness of the tunnel and synchronization flashing, it is necessary to set a total controller, control the following sub-controller.
5.4 Luminous mode
5.41 Always on mode
Use this mode when the tunnel is running normally
Local control can be set directly by adjusting the DIP switch LED light emission guidance
Remote PLC Controlled Luminescence Guidance
5.42 Blinking mode
Use this mode in case of an emergency in a tunnel, such as a car accident, fire, etc.

6. Construction and site construction guidance
6.1 Principles of laying out
The light-emitting guide can be mounted on the curb of the aisle on either side of the tunnel and can also be installed on the side of the curb, drawing out the contours of the road, inducing the driver's sight, for safe driving and escape. The spacing is based on road conditions, 10-15 meters, bend 5-10 meters due to changes in the intensity of light inside and outside the tunnel, the human eye needs a process of adaptation, it is recommended to enter the tunnel 50 meters, the distance of 10 meters. Color choice for a yellow and white double-sided light , The installation method for the direction of the left and right white white.
A controller unilateral control 600 - 8000 meters, or 70 light-induced guidance. Need to lay on the road side of a 2-core 4 ~ 6 ㎡ cable +, - pole of the bus (due to the reference standard is DC 24V operating voltage, The line is too long line loss will be large, it should improve the cable diameter to reduce the pressure drop to ensure that the end of the induction standard normal work), and all the induced parameters are incorporated into the bus together.

Luminous inductive fixation can be divided into mechanical fixation and chemical fixation, can be any one. The combination of the two can be fixed more firmly to prevent human curiosity stealing and destruction
.6.2.1 Mechanical fixing
That is, with stainless steel screws and nylon tube fixed to determine the hole.
With the right drill hole, hole depth and thickness to be appropriate, the nylon tube into the hole into the hole, the stainless steel screw into the nylon tube,
6.2.2 Chemical fixation
That is fixed with road signs glue
The surface clean up, in the light-induced standard at the bottom of the coated epoxy resin, pressing the light induced standard. 6 hours and other glue curing.
6.3 Luminous induction and cable connection
Light-induced guide wire and cable to do T-type connection, pay attention to use heat shrink tubing and electronic silicone rubber seal, to maintain the part of the insulation, to achieve the purpose of waterproof.
6.1 Principles of laying out
6.2 Installation steps
6.3 Luminous induction and cable connection

7. Packaging transportation, storage and routine maintenance
7.1 Packaging Shipping
This product is manufactured before the carton packaging, transport process Note:
Take it lightly to avoid mechanical damage to the surface of the product
The controller avoids the shock
7.2 storage
Keep the room dry and air, keep the temperature at -25 ℃ - 60 ℃
7.3 Routine Maintenance
In order to maintain the high brightness of the light-emitting parts, a dry cloth can be used to erase the surface dust twice a year to achieve the optimal lighting effect. In view of the fact that the dust in the tunnel is more serious,
8. other
The technical parameters and description of the text of the company have the right to explain, due to product updates, technical parameters and instructions have changed, without special notice.

Established in 2006, “Shenzhen Lu ming Traffic Equipment Co., Ltd” was definited as an export-oriented high technology enterprise that specialize in solar traffic safety facilities’ R&D and sale over 10 years.

Our main products include: solar road studs, solar LED delineators, road reflectors, solar traffic safety signs, LED tunnel signs, traffic warning lights, solar traffic lights, anti-glare boards, solar LED anti-bump barriers, parking lot safety facilities etc. 

Shenzhen LuMing Traffic Equipment Co., Ltd.

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