Elastic warning column instructions

                 Elastic warning column instructions

Elastic warning column with flexible PU plastic material with a one-time molding of the mold, good rebound, anti-aging, the internal anti-UV UV material, no significant fading in 5, reflective film with crystal lattice reflective film, reflective brightness, Visual distance farther.

1. Product Specifications: H78 \ H60 \ 45CM

2. Shell material: elastic PU material

3. Reflector: Import mold production reflective high, no water.

4. Color: yellow, white, red. (No obvious fade in 5 years)

5. Temperature range: -40 ℃ ~ 85 ℃

6. Installation location: the edge of the road or the middle of the road, shunt ramp

7, waterproof rating: IP ≥ 67

8, tensile strength: 350

9, tear strength of 45

10, resilience 35



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