Solar protective piles

                              Solar protective piles

one. Overview:
Solar protection piles are widely used in urban road crossroads sidewalks, pedestrian zebra crossing. Where in different sections of pedestrians through the traffic safety hazards lots, are installed solar protective pile tips drivers or pedestrian attention, it is effective to play a more effective warning role to avoid traffic accidents. This product shell made with ∮ 140 column, the surface treatment with paint. 3M reflective film above the appearance of fine, warning effect is good. Flashing lights with sealed combination of light group, not water. Ultra-bright imported LED chip, polycarbonate shade impact, anti-aging, high transparency. Stable performance and reliable quality.

Second, the technical indicators:
Column specifications: ∮ 140 * 1000mmm, LED lights: with 5mm fluorescent yellow-green LED lights (according to the requirements of a variety of specifications)
Flash mode: flash flash alternately flashing
Working voltage: DC3.6V Battery: 3.6V / 800AH
Solar panel: 5.5V single lamp brightness: ≥ 10000mcd
Warning distance: ≥ 500 meters (night)
Weight: 8Kg
Working time: rainy days without light for more than 72 hours.

the automatic light switch control:

Fourth, the shelf life:
Products free warranty for one year, after the warranty period to provide long-term maintenance services (to provide accessories)
Fifth, in the solar panel under the premise of normal charging, the battery life of more than 5 years.

Established in 2006, “Shenzhen Lu ming Traffic Equipment Co., Ltd” was definited as an export-oriented high technology enterprise that specialize in solar traffic safety facilities’ R&D and sale over 10 years.

Our main products include: solar road studs, solar LED delineators, road reflectors, solar traffic safety signs, LED tunnel signs, traffic warning lights, solar traffic lights, anti-glare boards, solar LED anti-bump barriers, parking lot safety facilities etc. 

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