Solar road wireless warning light program requirements

               Solar road wireless warning light program requirements

1, the solar road wireless warning light (hereinafter referred to as the warning light) for Party A Party B design, property owned by Party A, Party B shall not directly or indirectly to any third party to sell the design, not self-processing or OEM.

2, the warning light applied to both sides of the road to the ground lights or guardrail lights exist, solar power, lithium battery energy storage, according to the solar input voltage to determine whether lit, cloudy, night lights are not affected The

3, we have a variety of mold needs, a variety of shapes of solar panels whether the same output voltage, if different, the charging part can be compatible?

4, the warning light with wireless synchronization function, the two lamp straight line communication distance of 1KM or so (non-important indicators), the actual installation distance of 20M-50M continuous installation, continuous installation, the theoretical communication distance is infinite.

5, warning lights can achieve a variety of flashing way, marquee effect, synchronized flashing, or two programs superimposed (specific to see the attachment video), this should rely on the program to achieve or rely on the circuit?

6, if the effect of the Marquee flashing, then the right side of the road should be followed by flashing the middle if the occasional damaged lamp, it should not affect its work; installed by number or computer debugging? Or what is more convenient way?

7, if both sides of the road at the same time installation, how to avoid internal interference? Whether it can be divided into two columns each work.

8, the battery capacity should be in the dark environment is greater than 48 hours of continuous flashing time.

9, set aside solar panels, LED jack, redundant design, the party can install their own LED, the number of general control in the 2-5 lamp beads or light bulbs.

10, Party B design should be delivered to Party A not less than 10 samples, the sample that can be widely purchased solar panels and batteries.

11, the program should work longer than three years, the yield rate in line with industry requirements.

12, the above design should be consistent with large-scale, low cost, easy to install, and debugging methods.



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