Tunnel electro - optical sign

Tunnel electro - optical sign

Detailed description: 
Fire equipment instructions signs Main technical indicators:
1. Operating voltage: AC 220V or DC 12V (customizable)
2. Power: ≤ 3W
3. Photoelectric logo brightness: ≥ 200 cd / M²
4. Smooth surface: double-sided / single-sided
5. Luminous way: 24h straight light
6. Ambient temperature: -25 ℃ ~ +65 ℃
7. Ambient humidity: 20% to 95%
8. Safety fire signs Size: 250mm * 400mm * 50mm

Fire signs feature:
1. LED light box-type tunnel photoelectric signs using LED light-emitting technology, than the traditional energy-saving lamp-type light box light more uniform, more environmentally friendly, longer life.
2.LED Taiwan's high-quality light-emitting chip, permeability, high brightness, life ≥ 8 million hours.
3. Shell with aluminum alloy frame, durable, light-emitting surface for the acrylic board, durable and not fragile.
Fire Indicator The electro-optical mark is used to indicate the location of the pedestrian cross-section of the tunnel. In the event of an emergency, the tunnel indicates the escape route of the tunnel. The cross-hole indication flag is used to indicate the location of the tunnel, and the vehicle is instructed when the tunnel is in an emergency. Horizontal hole, emergency stop sign is used to indicate the location of the emergency stop in the tunnel. Logo layout is generally 400 * 250,750 * 250 or 50cmX80cm, according to the tunnel design of the entire air conditioning.

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