Radar speed feedback instrument

Radar speed feedback instrument

Established in 2006, “Shenzhen Luming Traffic Equipment Co., Ltd” was definited as an export-oriented high technology enterprise that specialize in solar traffic safety facilities’ R&D and sale over 10 years.

Our main products include: solar road studs, solar LED delineators, road reflectors, solar traffic safety signs, LED tunnel signs, traffic warning lights, solar traffic lights, anti-glare boards, solar LED anti-bump barriers, parking lot safety facilities etc. 

Product Introduction:

When the vehicle enters the radar detection area of ​​the "radar speed" (about 0m to 300m in the front of the mark), the microwave radar will automatically detect the speed of the vehicle and display it on the LED display. The driver pay attention to reduce the speed, so as to effectively reduce the speed caused by road traffic accidents. The following are the same as the "
 Radar speed feedback signs with significant eye-catching induction function, can significantly reduce traffic accidents, to achieve safe results.
Product Specifications:
1 Display mode: can be displayed by 2 or 3 digits
2 Power supply: 90-240V can be used electricity, can also use solar power (solar panels 80 watts, battery 12V65AH).
3 working electrical parameters:
Working voltage: 12V; Operating current: <1.1A; Maximum detection speed: 321 km / h
4 speed limit display mode: You can set the speed limit of 10-120, within the specified speed range shown as a green number, when the red shows the number of red, and flashing prompted the driver to slow down.
5 Scope: urban fast road, highway, suburban cable, institutions and other institutions on the speed limit of the road.
6 at the same time apply 2-3 lanes.
Radar frequency: K band (24.150G)
Detectable distance: ≤300 meters
Response time: ≤ 5ms
Leakage energy value: ≤ 3μw / cm2
Measured the correct reading, the only requirement is the target moving direction directed at the radar gun.
Meet a variety of test environments, can cope with different weather, rainy days in the car can be normal speed.

Radar speed screen specifications 340 * 700mm - frame specifications 700 * 900 * 240mm, the label size: 940 * 1940mm

Installation Notes

1, the speed feedback mark through the aluminum trough and hoop, (hoop need to be based on the size of the column by the customer self-configuration) will be fixed speed on the column, the installation method and fixed signs the same.
Product installation diagram:

Roadside column type:

Gantry type:

2.the battery into the battery waterproof box, the same method to the battery box fixed on the column.

3, with the screws to the solar panels and solar panels tray bracket fixed, the bottom of the sleeve directly on the column, adjust the direction, as far as possible to make the solar panel toward the south west.

4, the solar panel behind the wire plug and the bottom of the tachometer wire plug connected to the battery plug, plug for the one-way plug, will not be inserted.
5, installed, power equipment after the normal work.
6. Solar panels can be fixed on the slope.


The  following figure for example: speed limit 60, less than 60 yards show green value, higher than 60 yards display red value

Electricity work 2: 1, sign + radar speed screen 2, radar speed screen

Our products are widely used in highways, bridges and urban roads, toll station and parking lots, Our company flagship trademarks "LM", "LLM" have been gaining good public praise over years

As an ISO 9001 approvalled enterprise, Our workshop covers an area of 3,000 square meters. All of our products have CE certificates and other certificates in need. 
As one of the leading solar traffic safety facilities manufacturers in China, We R&D and produced many patent products, such as “GPS sync blinking solar  road studs”  and  “Radar wireless sensing solar LED traffic signs systems” etc.

With our strong IT team and design team’s support, we also provide OEM & ODM service to our valued clients.

"Quality for survival, integrity for development", Carrying the excellent technology, to create unlimited value, providing the best quality products and services to our clients in all regions of the world, is our company's business philosophy always.

We “Shenzhen Luming Traffic” always prepared to work for distinguished you!

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