TSU-3-205 mobile traffic light instructions

TSU-3-205 mobile traffic light instructions

Established in 2006, “Shenzhen Lu ming Traffic Equipment Co., Ltd” was definited as an export-oriented high technology enterprise that specialize in solar traffic safety facilities’ R&D and sale over 10 years.

Our main products include: solar road studs, solar LED delineators, road reflectors, solar traffic safety signs, LED tunnel signs, traffic warning lights, solar traffic lights, anti-glare boards, solar LED anti-bump barriers, parking lot safety facilities etc. 

one. Introduction to TSU-3-205 Mobile Traffic Light

1. Support a variety of traffic lights configuration
Can support 300mm 3 lights, 4 lights; 200mm 3 lights, 4 lights, 5 lights configuration, up to 20 independent phase output.
2. Easy to set up
Easy to operate panel interface with analog display.
3. Full remote operation
Remote control operation of the control machine, remote control lights up and down. Lockable remote control.
4. Continue to work long
High-power solar panels, two large-capacity battery, in the premise of ensuring the effect of the signal, according to the weather automatically adjust the signal display brightness, to ensure sustained long-term work.
5. Excellent road use effect
The maximum height of the signal lamp is 3.5 m, which ensures the effective indication and identification of the vehicle at the distance and rear. Compared to the existing mobile traffic lights low, or need to add another base pad, greatly improving the actual use of the road effect.
6. Truly efficient traffic light mobile solutions
 trailer-style mobile design, eliminating the need for a lot of hard work load loading.
 remote control electric lift, up to 3.5 meters, the minimum height of 2.2 meters, do not shake, do not relax.
 center of gravity low, 1.4 meters wide track, to ensure effective car trailer move.
 16-inch pneumatic tires, suitable for pavement long-distance movement.
 excellent three-wheel universal movement, easy to close the mobile operation.
 Four retractable feet are stable and the feet are fixed to the ground screw.
 retractable drag arm and support wheel design, easy to operate, reduce the site area, reduce the scratch may be.
7. Efficiently save manpower
 Telescopic drag arm support wheel design, to ensure easy to complete with the connection and separation of the car.
 easy to operate, whether it is dragged to the scene, from, positioning, support, operation, or return, can be easily completed by a person.
 When the car is towed, it can be safely and effectively towed at least 2 or more, reducing the running time and manpower.
8. Effective anti-damage anti-malicious operation
 body bright yellow eye-catching design, with high reflective logo.
 retractable footrest operation to separate the collection, to prevent malicious lift.
 The footrest can be fixed to the ground by expansion screws to prevent malicious pull or tear down.
 drag the arm to shrink the lock.
 Toolbox cover tamper design.
 You can lock the remote control operation.
9. Excellent surface protection performance
All the metal structure of the bottom of the whole body using automotive electrochemical treatment, the surface using professional outdoor powder. To ensure durable and durable.
10. Excellent intimate process design
Comes with tools storage box, can be placed telescopic handle, power cord and other tool materials. Easy to operate the handle, while protecting the role of the body.
11. novel design, briskly into the city's environment, reflecting the innovation and vitality.

two. Introduction of major components
Overall picture

2. Description of each control switch

(2) plug in AC 220V input, check the charger output with a multimeter to see if there are 13V output. If not, the charger is broken.
(3) the trailer traffic lights pushed to the sun low, hit the motherboard menu information to check whether there is charging current. If so, the battery is broken. If not, the motherboard is broken.

four. Technical indicators
   Model: TSU-1-205
    Signal light: 300mm (red full plate, yellow full disk, and arrow)
Length: 1630 mm
    Car width: 2350 mm
    Height: 2350 mm
    Height (up): 3500mm
    Weight: 500KG
Lifting device: hydraulic
Suspension: Symmetrical flat spring
Tires: 16 "(inches)
Battery: 12V / 100AHx2
Panel: 12V / 45Wx2
AC Charger: 360W (Mingwei PB-360-12)
Cloudy working hours:> 7 days
Remote control: 315MHz



Our products are widely used in highways, bridges and urban roads, toll station and parking lots, Our company flagship trademarks "LM", "LLM" have been gaining good public praise over years

As an ISO 9001 approvalled enterprise, Our workshop covers an area of 3,000 square meters. All of our products have CE certificates and other certificates in need. 
As one of the leading solar traffic safety facilities manufacturers in China, We R&D and produced many patent products, such as “GPS sync blinking solar  road studs”  and  “Radar wireless sensing solar LED traffic signs systems” etc.

With our strong IT team and design team’s support, we also provide OEM & ODM service to our valued clients.

"Quality for survival, integrity for development", Carrying the excellent technology, to create unlimited value, providing the best quality products and services to our clients in all regions of the world, is our company's business philosophy always.

We “Shenzhen Luming Traffic” always prepared to work for distinguished you!

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