The Characteristics and Application of 3D Vision Deceleration Mark

The Characteristics and Application of 3D Vision Deceleration Mark

At present, there are three commonly used road deceleration measures: one is to set the speed limit sign, requiring the driver to travel within the limited speed range; the second is to set up road auxiliary tools, such as deceleration arch, roadblock, etc., is a forced deceleration Of the way; the third is the marking line deceleration, such as vibration-type slowing marking and so on.
Three commonly used road deceleration measures, each with its advantages and disadvantages. The following table shows the performance of these three deceleration measures:

Item Tip Effect Use
Convenience description
Set the speed limit signs are generally weak 1, the speed limit signs are generally set on the side of the road above, and the amount of air information is not only traffic information, there are many other advertising class and other information, the driver in the traffic through the short period of time easy A large number of irrelevant information interference; on the other hand easy to be road trees or architectural shelter, it is easy to be ignored by the driver. Suggesting that the effect of efficiency and slow down are generally; 2, the installation of complex;
Deceleration arch, roadblock strong difference 1, deceleration arch forced deceleration effect is obvious, but the vehicle in the rapid driving suddenly brakes, there are rollover and other security risks. In the deceleration of the arch damage, the exposed road screws and other vehicles may cause damage to the tire; 2, the installation of complex, need to destroy the road.
Vibration deceleration marking in the general poor 1, vibration deceleration marking in the vehicle during the process of the tire can indeed play a certain role in the shock, but because of its vibration effect is very small, most drivers will not slow down when passing; More complex, planning to be specialized equipment.

My company after a long study, made a color road signs "three-dimensional visual deceleration sign" products, that is, a three-dimensional effect of the graphics installed on the road. Color road signs "three-dimensional visual deceleration sign" using the visual three-dimensional way to eliminate the hidden dangers, but also enable the driver on the road due to the visual impact of a strong impact and slow down, even if the brakes, it will not cause rollover Traffic accident. Its effect and performance as shown below, table:

First, the "three-dimensional visual deceleration flag" should usually have the following characteristics:
1, with a strong weather resistance and a longer service life. Ground products must be able to stand the test of various climatic conditions and road conditions, "color road" "three-dimensional visual deceleration sign" by the Chinese Ministry of Transportation detection, the product after 200 r / 1000g wear only 5.7mg (national standard for 60mg) , Under normal circumstances the service life of not less than 2 years.
2, colorful, suggesting that the role of obvious. Ground marking As the rolling of the vehicle is frequent, the color must be kept vivid and have a clear indication. "Color Road" "three-dimensional visual deceleration flag" using "mosaic" technology will be a variety of color patch splicing combination, to ensure that the color is always bright, never fade.
3, easy to install, fast. "Color Road" "three-dimensional visual deceleration signs" are used preforming technology, all patterns, text are produced according to customer requirements for the finished product, there are only on the ground when the application of special glue can be painted directly paste. To install a 0.6 × 1.45M ground speed limit signs, for example, all the construction time can be completed in less than 30 minutes.
4, easy to clear, leaving no trace. Products can be easily removed after heating, leaving no trace. Can fully meet the adjustment of traffic planning around the traffic information in a timely manner to update, replace, clear the requirements.
5, with a strong night reflective performance, improve the role of warning at night tips. "Color road" 3-dimensional visual deceleration logo to white, for example, the night reflection coefficient of 1309mcd.1X-1.m-2, to achieve the I-level reflective standard, can fully meet the vehicle at night driving safety tips and warning role.

Item Tip Effect Use
Convenience description
Dimensional three-dimensional logo high strength 1, three-dimensional logo as a result of colorful, with a strong visual prompt effect; 2, the product installed in the road on the road, will not be ignored by the driver; 3, at night with reflective performance, the same effect as the day Obviously; 4, even if the second driving the vehicle through the driver because of the memory of the reasons, once again through the road will know that there are color tips, should be slow down the road; 5, the visual three-dimensional but actually the flat product, Slow down the rollover and other security risks; 6, the use of preforming technology, installation is very convenient, do not destroy the road; and easy to clear. 7, beautify the road, enhance the city and road taste.

Second, the "three-dimensional visual deceleration flag" blog can usually be used in the following circumstances:
1, in schools, communities, exhibition halls, transportation hubs and other places where traffic can be set to color three-dimensional logo, to remind the driver slow down driving, play a visual warning role.
2, in the carriageway, the road is very wide two-way multi-lane, due to pedestrian crossing a long time, but not suitable to set a large slowdown prompt card, this time can be cast on the road three-dimensional logo, not only can reduce the set of large signs Of the cost, but also to remind the driver to slow down. At the same time play to improve urban landscaping, lighting effect, enhance the role of city grade and grade.
3, on the road is narrow, bend more, road insurance provincial or national road pavement, can be planned in the road three-dimensional logo. To remind the driver slow down, increase pedestrian safety.
4, three-dimensional mark due to the use of preform technology, installation and construction is very convenient and fast. At the same time, according to the road traffic planning at any time to update, replace, clear, should have easy to clear, without leaving traces of the characteristics.
    "Color Road" "three-dimensional visual deceleration signs" products have been launched, we carried out a large number of market research and product tracking, customers generally reflect the effect is good. At present, this product already has "three-dimensional visual deceleration flag", "three-dimensional spike", "three-dimensional arrow", "three-dimensional speed limit", "three-dimensional deceleration arch", "three-dimensional color zebra".

After a lot of market practice, "color road" "three-dimensional vision deceleration" products have been generally recognized by customers, suitable for including urban roads, national highway, provincial highway, highway, residential roads and other types of pavement environment widely used.

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