Newest Design Waterproof 600*600cm solar traffic sign

Newest Design Waterproof 600*600cm solar traffic sign

Solar traffic sign Introduction

1. One hour of charging = Working 4 hours.
Full charge situation, it lights up uninterruptedly for 4 days.
2.Beacause of the superior material with the housing and led ,it will not be affected by the water and rain.
3.It flashes around automatically when the darkness come
4.It can be espied by the walkers and the users vehichles clearly, this due to the advantages of bright LED, flashed light technique.
5.The plate certainly doesn’t oxide, due to the used materials in the board which is (aluminum, stainless screws, plastic).
6.To protect the board in the hot region area, we provide vents in the back cover of the board to ensure the air circulation.
7.The strong body, and coupling apparatus of the poles give it stability against rough weather situations.

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